About Michelle

Welcome to my Writing Blog, Juiced on Writing. Here, I intend documenting my findings and wanderings through the writing world, as I hope to build a career in both fiction writing and writing in various freelance areas.

My name is Michelle Thompson, and I am an unpublished creative writer (still working on that) but published non-fiction writer and (obviously) rabid blogger.

I am a New Zealander, but living with my family (which includes plenty of animals) in a lovely English village in the Cambridgeshire Fens, U.K. I have travelled reasonably widely  and worked in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and England. I am currently rebelling against hitting my mid-forties.

I have a background in I.T. and software development, and am skilled at analysis, managing projects and people and producing results. This is complemented with a passion in creativity, having won contests and being published in both paper-based and digital arts. My creative skills have finally matured into my life-ambition of writing.

Current Writing Projects:

1. Other Blogs Owned :

  • Scrapability (a longstanding blog on scrapbooking)
  • Juiced on Ebooks (a test marketing blog – the content now sits here at Juiced on Writing).

2. Other Blog Work:

3. Fiction Projects :

  • Editing second Novel.
  • Beginning third Novel.

Find Me Socially:

  • On Twitter, Facebook and others, most of which you will find fed through in my Social page shared with you here – should you feel the need.
  • Find other links in the side panel.

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Contact Me:

You can contact me via this email address or the contact form onsite.

Want to Know More?

My life story, in 3 fantasy parts -

  1. Introducing Me (As a kiwi kid)
  2. When I grow up (Um, I’m supposed to be a Writer)
  3. A bit late, but I’m a writer now

Brief Resume of Outside Writing Life (in Semi-Chronological Order)

  • Currently Writes around (see above)
  • Playworker with local kids (part-time) | Domestic Dogsbody in Residence (part-time) | Parenting Duty Manager (full-time)
  • Ex-I.T. Test Manager
  • Ex- I.T. Test Project Manager
  • Ex-I.T. Customer Support Desk
  • Ex-Retail Banking Management
  • Ex-Very good berry-fruit picker