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Wed, Sep 16, 2009

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Holly Lisle Writing News

Over the last few weeks, writer mentor and trainer Holly Lisle has been busy with new classes and writing products. I was holding off on some of these so that I could amalgamate all into one post, but since saving one of her new bigger ones, it’s been pulled.

Even Holly Lisle, who was onto a winner with her How to Think Sideways, has her share of failures in providing for the new writer market, it seems. However there are several new things of interest to wannabe writers within the Holly Lisle websites, and below I will wrap these up for you.

1. The Writing Craft : Motivation

Some time ago Holly sent out one of her regular newsletters requesting those readers to take a multi-choice survey. The survey involved copious questions driving at what type of courses or classes we might like to see being delivered.

I personally voted for quite a few, with an emphasis on revising a first draft, something I’m completely rubbish at. My choice wasn’t the most popular at that time, in fact most responders voted for courses on how to motivate ourselves into writing.

Holly spent some time coming up with a new course based on those responses. The outcome was the release early this month of ‘The Writing Craft : Motivation’. This was available as a course for $34.95 which sounds very reasonable for the content.

The content for The How To Motivate Yourself course includes:

  • seven videos
  • the course transcripts
  • mindmaps for each section
  • a course outline
  • and worksheets to help you drill down to the core of what motivates you.

The course still exists on Holly’s shop online as I write this, however —

On the 15th of September Holly sent out another newsletter with the following starter paragraph -

I ended up canceling further episodes of my video series THE WRITING CRAFT because of a major lack of interest combinedwith the huge expense in time, effort, and materials of creating video courses.

This means there will be no further editions of The Writing Craft video series of courses (the second of which was to have been ‘How to Write Dialogue with Subtext’), although if you are interested in improving your motivation it may well be beneficial to take a look at that first course which remains complete and available.

2. Audio Books of Classes

In the same newsletter of the 15th, Holly mentioned that she was now trialing interest in MP3 audio books of the courses available through her shop. She enjoys listening to MP3s on her iPod whilst exercising, and thought it an interesting idea to create some for the courses offered.

The ‘How to Write Page-Turning Scenes’ course available in PDF format from Holly Lisle’s webshop has now been recorded as an audio book by Kimi Alexander.

The full package – PDF plus audio book, will be available online from September 23rd for $47. However at the moment it’s available in a trial run for an introductory price of $37. And if you already have purchased the PDF version previously, you can pick up the audio version alone for just $20.

Logging onto your Shop.HollyLisle.com account will automatically show you any discounts you may be entitled to.

Holly is currently trialling this concept out to see if the idea will take wings.

3. Coming Soon : Revising Your Novel

As the Writing Craft : Motivation course went live Holly Lisle was already working towards her next project. Obviously my choice of needing more information on how to revise was another popular option in her surveys.

Holly put out a request for two first time novels to work with their writers in revising them. Her initial thoughts were towards working with four different novels and writers, but she’s since changed her mind on this. One novel will have been written during something like NaNoWriMo, another in a different way.

The writers and novels will be worked through with Holly, and the material from that exercise used to create her newest upcoming course. Novel excerpts will be used within the course also, although Holly will change characters etc if requested.

As a note, within the successful ‘How to Think Sideways’ writer’s training program, the last month of this course is spent on revision, using a technique Holly calls her ‘One Pass’ system. For many very new writers, there has been a request to understand the structure of revision a little more before going into that type of revision process. The upshot is the current development of the new ‘How to Revise Your Novel’ course, coming our way sometime in the future.

For more on this new course, you can read Holly’s thoughts on it at her blog, or she has already opened a website specifically for the course.

4. How to Think Sideways

Holly Lisle’s popular ‘How to Think Sideways’ online course continues, although the website has had a complete refresh on the frontend since I last visited. You can keep up to date with the latest news on that front blog-style page, pick up the free module examples, or register for the course.

As a graduate of the first ever session of this course, and any grads afterwards, I still have access into the forums for this course, and in fact, can run through the full course as often as I like.

The HTTS forums now have a ‘Back to the Beginning Board’ where students who didn’t managed to complete the course can start over.

Additionally, new material continues to be added to the course, and previous grads can grab those also. One example recently is the addition of the first section of the Writing Craft : Motivation videos into the relevant motivation section of HTTS.

And although now seemingly defunct, the aside website, WriterCrashTest.com remains accessible, containing a few video productions where Holly took some passages of writing and provided some critique on them.

LinkMe : How to Think Sideways (note – affiliate link)

5. The 33 Worst Mistakes Wrters Make About Series…

This e-book series is building all the time. Available through shop.hollylisle.com, the books are written by various authors, and topics vary from -

The ‘33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make about Courtroom Law’ to ‘The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make about Construction and Construction Workers’, with Russia, Genealogy, Mother Nature, Ballet, Horses, The Celts, Hunting, Being Blind, San Francisco, Disappearing in the U.S.A, Dogs, Firearms and Camping forming the current series.

The series, although predominantly US focussed, makes an excellent reference item for budding writers, and points out where much more experienced and even successful novelists have made some huge errors in their published novels before.

6. Write a Book With Me

Back to Holly now, with her writing blog, Pocket Full of Words. Within her normal update blog she now has a category called “Write a Book With Me” or WABWM for short.

In this category she adds her own progress on her current writing project, and others can share their own progress in the comments field of each entry. On one recent entry of Holly’s there were forty comments, so the category and challenge is quite popular.

There are some minor rules – you should shoot for a minimum of 250 words a day, five days a week for instance, and the important – It has to be fun rule.

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