2009 Muse Online Writers Conference Workshop Agenda Ready

Thu, Sep 10, 2009

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2009 Muse Online Writers Conference Workshop Agenda Ready

Some time ago I registered for October’s 2009 Muse Conference. This is a free online writing conference running from October 12 – 18 this year. Today those registered have received word that the workshop agenda is now available to select from, including registering for pitch sessions.

LinkMes :

The Agenda is available to download from a yahoo group setup for the conference. Participants have until September 20th to register for workshops or pitch sessions. If you are interested and still haven’t registered for the conference itself, you can do that from the Muse Online website (top link above).For more details on the workshops, publishers and chat sessions, the 2009 Agenda is online now also (fourth link above).

Pitch Sessions at 2009 Muse

The pitch sessions include going up in front of a publisher for a 2 minute pitch on your book idea, within a chat room online. So you have to be prepared for those crucial 100 words or so to glean their interest.

The Workshop agenda document available to download gives some tips on preparing the pitch also, and each publisher provides a link to submission guidelines. Additionally there are two workshops available already for How-tos on Online Pitching. Register for the conference quickly to allow the attendance of these – the first is scheduled as a chat session for September 11th (tomorrow!) and the second on September 24th.

Pitches are available to the following Publishers -

  • Crescent Moon Press – Romantic science fiction, fantasy and paranormal
  • Freya’s Bower – erotic and romance
  • Wild Child Publishing – mainstream
  • Breathless Press – romance or erotic
  • 4RV Publishing – mystery, romance, mainstream, historical, Christian, sci-fi, fantasy, action/adventure, Nonfiction, Young Adult, Juvenile, Childrens
  • Samhain Publishing – romance and erotica, fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi with romance
  • Red Rose Publishing – romance, mystery-fantasy, dark fiction, chick lit, interracial.
  • Larsen Pomada Literary Agency – fiction and nonfiction (must check guidelines provided).
  • Lyrical Press – electronic format and print on demand for selected titles over 70,000 words
  • Eternal Press – 10-40K words fiction – Romance, Erotica, Cont.fiction, paranormal, sci-fi, mystery, horror. Interested in erotica and paranormal.
  • Andrea Brown Literary Agency – childrens, young adult, fiction and nonfiction, chapter books, picture books.
  • The MacGregor Literary Agency
  • White Rose Publishing – romance
  • Damnation Books – dark – horror, fantasy, thrillers etc
  • Morrigan Books – dark fiction

Week Long Forums / Workshops

These forums are set up for private access. Once you enter the forum (any time zone) you can enter workshop rooms, read questions and answers, read presenters lesson plans, and post questions and exercise answers.

There is a large range of these All Week Forums to register for, from meeting with publishers and editors, to workshops on finding your writing voice, writing personal stories, writing teachers guides to accompany your children’s book, pet writing, using social media, horror writing, world building, writing for atmosphere, creating characters, steps before copy editing, or how not to kill your editor. As well as those there are workshops on promotion, dialogue, article marketing, some mental courses, writing love scenes, creative block busting, and visual storytelling.

And I’ve missed out 50% of the many workshops available.

Chats Only

Many of the workshops or presenters of those workshops are also available in chat only sessions. You can attend chat sessions with the presenters on topics as varied as world building, online pitching, plotting, and chat with several of the publishers or editors participating in pitch sessions also.

My Problem Now…

…is obviously culling down my own choice in what I can participate in. When scanning over the Workshop agendas I was like a child in a sweetshop, with my toungue hanging out. For me, Muse Conference allows my first participation in a real-life (given it’s virtual) writers conference, as I’ve not been able to attend any from my small country village location.

Although I want to register for all of them, I will have to cut down to only a few, and I’ve made the decision to not enter the pitching realm or any workshops / chat sessions which are to do with post-writing such as promotional work etc. I feel that personally I’m not mentally prepared to make that step from beginner writer to somebody trying to sell their works as yet. So I’m sure that you’ll probably see me around some of those world building sessions, and some more intriguing ones based on the psychology of characters.

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