LSB Update, and 100 Tips & Tools for a Writer

LSB Update, and 100 Tips & Tools for a Writer

I am writing this whilst on holiday. Internet access and bandwidth is limited, but that’s the point of a holiday. I get to do some stuff with the family before welcoming another family member into the fold next week. And I get to catch up on some reading. So I’ll make this as quick as possible. Two pieces of news today, that’s all. Written out in draft form on Live Writer, then log onto the holiday internet, and press send and cross my fingers…

Liquid Story Binder V4.31

Last week Liquid Story Binder had another upgrade for those with licensed copies. Version 4.31 is out. This holds enhancements to just about every module going, including multi-level undo levels, and some backspace enhancements to the typewriter module. Here’s a quick list of those I find important, but there are many many more -

Multi-level undo has been added to various file types.
The Listing file type has been completely re-written, now with Outline style functionality.

It is now possible to extend individual Timeline items beyond the confines of a single instance. Stretch items using the `Extend Items’ and `Shorten Items’ menu options.
Choose your own Checklist item symbols using the Checklist ‘Content’ menu. Beyond the standard double-click checkmark, there are now over 200 symbols to choose from.

The Typewriter tool now includes TAB functionality and a `Typewriter Backspace Key Editing’ preference. The Typewriter display response has been increased. Enable the ‘Formatting Options’ preference to allow the use of the BACKSPACE key.

Jesse Wall of Black Obelisk Software sent out the upgrade with a download link to members of the LSB Yahoo Group last week. However at this point, the download is not yet available on the Black Obelisk website, which is still showing version 4.21.

If you are keen to always get the latest update of this writing software, join the yahoo group from the Newsgroup menu at the Black Obelisk website.

Incidentally, the typewriter (full screen) writing functions, including the enhancements, are available in the completely free to download Momentum Typewriter which is available from Black Obelisk also. Momentum Writer 2.01 contains the enhancements LSB will do, but is already available to download from the website.

LinkMe : Black Obelisk and Liquid Story Binder

100 Essential Tips and Tools for the Writer of the Future

Amber wrote me to suggest an article might be of interest, and I agree. This article sitting at the Associate Degree website simply lists 100 numbered points for the writer, with links to the websites mentioned. From designing your own business card, to using google trends, there are many tips in amongst these 100 which I found useful for myself also.

LinkMe : 100 Essential Tips & Tools for Writers of the Future

Image Credit : Wikenden on flickr (Creative Commons)

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