The Writing Duvet Days

Wed, Aug 12, 2009

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The Writing Duvet Days

I’m not writing. Full stop.

Despite my best intentions, the world has done it’s darndest and I’ve struck the first time in my life when my writing goals are, in reality, just incompatible with my life. The family adoption thing is just too intense, and as we’ve come to that period (after a three year pregnancy, lol) of actually going through the planning and introduction stage in the next couple of weeks, and of welcoming a new family member into the house, and…

Well, I’ll pretend that I’m in labour then. For about four weeks of it, but still…not even the greatest writer out there would be able to suggest that she/he wrote during the birth process.

My mind just isn’t there – with writing. It’s thinking over what we need to hurriedly purchase, from nappies to toothpaste, it’s planning getting the bedroom ready, it’s cleaning out wardrobes, and in between, it’s getting our birth daughter mentally prepared for having a sudden ‘little brother’. In between, my mind – and that of my husband’s for that matter, goes and needs to relax with a great big ‘ooomphhh’. We’ve both been through some intensive and intrusive interviews, panel meetings, some giant emotional roller coasters, and some interesting viewpoints shared with us which we’ve had to, um, muse over late at night. Adoption is an emotional business, and long-winded at that. I can heartily admit that this is perhaps one of the most stressful points in both our lives, and we’re a family who has married, moved two households 12,000 miles and given birth within the period of only a couple of years. But this – this is something else, because most of it is out of our own control.

At night, the best we can do is collapse into bed with a cup of tea, and watch ridiculous television shows – not that I remember any of the content. Another way of relaxing is to spend a little time in Second Life. We have a tropical island to ourselves now in our second lives. Us – or our virtual avatars – and some virtual chickens to tend also. I do manage, in spurts, to write a few hundred words on some topics on Second Life, and post those up to my SL blog, but that’s the complete extent of my writing ability at this point. That’s it. Just fact-based posts, and nothing else.

I can promise the same for this blog, if I encounter subjects from the writing world which interest me, but for the time being, my writing plans are just having to go on hold. I’m the most unmotivated I’ve ever been, and realistically understand that my brain cells need to be kept for the intensive business of adopting a child.

I know that during my adult life my body has sometimes done that. Whilst workmates and school mates would go off on sick leave (and duvet leave – a nice concept inherited from the U.S. I believe) several times a year, I would go on and on and on, working through minor colds and illnesses without much trouble. Then, and this has always been the case, I would catch a flu which for everyone else took a couple of days to get over, but for me knocked me out for a full week or even over, so much so that relatives would look at me and immediately consider sending for an ambulance. That bad.

My last bout of flu like that was just before Christmas last year. Having worked with children all the school year, I’d not come down with any of the common colds and flus, vomitting illnesses and other childhood inflictions busily going around the children I worked with on a weekly basis. I’d been completely healthy and fit for a good eighteen months beforehand, seemingly immune to all the plagues being spread around me.

Then came December, and I caught something. And my body decided that it was time now to rest and recover properly, and gave me an enforced duvet day (or eight of them) where all I could do was lie down under a duvet. Plans, functions, Christmas parties – they all had to go by the wayside. I wasn’t fit to do anything, not even eat. Looking back, I can find that period also on these blogs – there was (obviously) no entries during that time.

This period – now – is something similar. Not from a medical illness (thank goodness) but it’s required from my own mind, it seems. It’s not as intense as a medical illness – for instance I am managing to write this post down. But I do feel that with the current challenges (and thrills) happening in our family life at the moment, that my own brain is enforcing a large area of writing duvet days.

So, see you whenever I manage to yank back the writing duvet cover, and stagger occasionally to the bathroom, or to get something to eat. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if all this adoption business would make a good book. Hmmm….

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One Response to “The Writing Duvet Days”

  1. Ana-The Writer Today Says:

    The best of luck with the adoption and your new child. For sure this is where your focus should be, though I will miss your great articles. Please return when you can, even if once a month. God bless.