I Have to Learn to ‘Take’ Positive Critique

Fri, Jul 10, 2009

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I Have to Learn to ‘Take’ Positive Critique

I’ve always shirked critique of any kind. Being of a very sensitive and shy nature in real life, any attempts at providing some ‘rooms for improvement’ have resulted in my withdrawing away and worrying over my absolute failures in all-things-life for days on end. It came out on all my school reports also. I’m not in the right business, obviously, because writing naturally leads to critique if not open criticism on some occassions, as does blogging for that matter.

But it’s nice to know that my latest blog posts are winging their way through the blogosphere and through twitter. Whether via praise or critique – for the latter, don’t tell me!

Ah well. My skin may be getting slightly wrinklier, so there’s hope yet that it is thickening also.

Critiquing RuleHuh! This post wasn’t actually about me afterall. It was an excuse to put up an Inkygirl Cartoon. For those who don’t know her, Inkygirl (Debbie Ridpath Ohi) has for some time now made her cartoons open for publication elsewhere under a certain creative commons license.

I’ve met Inkygirl on several occasions in-world of Second Life. She attends the same writing meet that I do sometimes, and I also hang around her excellent community writing center she has set up. Inkygirls blog is also one I subscribe to, as a must read for writers. And then, of course, there’s her cartoons.

LinkMe : Cartoons by Inkygirl. Read her blog here.

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One Response to “I Have to Learn to ‘Take’ Positive Critique”

  1. Dwayne Phillips Says:

    One of the most positive things I can say is to first say, “I read your manuscript from start to finish.”