Free E-Books for Writers to be Updated

Free E-Books for Writers to be Updated

One of the most popular themes on Juiced on Writing is that of free e-books for writers. Like many writers, I am a collector of good quality information and references. I have a large library of paperbacks and hardbacks on writing, but also an even larger digital library of how-to write books. As I write digitally – on a laptop, it is convenient to have some references available to me, digitally – and available even if I’m away from the house.

Can you tell I love e-books, then?

Now, it is a difficult time for writing lately, here in the UK, especially as a parent who’s school keeps doing events filling up the days before school breaks for summer. Despite this, I’ve given myself the task to update the very popular “36 Free E-Books for Writers” post and have the updates ready by the end of August. This will be a celebratory gift from me, to the readers here, and a blog birthday gift as Juiced on Writing will be turning one years old during August.

For those who have downloaded the Ultimate Guide to Free E-Books for New Writers – this will be updated also. This e-book already contains 59 free e-books I’ve found, but I’ve since found a few others, and will shortly be posting about even more.

I can’t make a promise towards delivering the new guide and post of e-books before the end of the summer holidays as on a personal front, it is looking like our family may be welcoming in a new adopted child at the same time, but it’s good to have set targets and goals placed for me to concentrate on over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned on my next less personal post, as I have some more free e-books online for you.

And if you have published any new free e-books of interest to writers, please drop me a line, either using the the comments form or email address available here at Juiced on Writing. And I will ensure your e-book is listed also.

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